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Pastor Bev

Bev Mortlock, and her husband Peter Mortlock are the founders and Senior Pastors of City Impact Church. Starting out back in 1982 with just 20 members, through God’s grace, they have watched it grow to include thousands of people and multiple campuses around New Zealand and the globe.

Bev has good reason to believe in miracles.

The daughter of a Presbyterian minister, Bev accepted Christ at the age of four.

“The privilege of being brought up in a Christian home, which witnessed miracle after miracle, positioned me for a future where I knew that, through Christ, all things are possible.”

Born in Canada, her family migrated to New Zealand when she was 12 years old because of a passion to reach out to Māori and Pacific people. New Zealand quickly became home for Bev.

As a young adult, in the small, kiwi town of Stratford, Taranaki, she met Peter Mortlock through a mutual friend. Not long after that they were married and had two sons, Mark and Tarry.

At first, Peter was working as a salesman while Bev was at home with the boys. But one night as they went to bed, they felt the presence of God fill the room – and God told them, “I want you to start a church.”

So that’s what they did. The young family poured their time, money and energy into launching the church and fulfilling the vision God had given them. They found a suitable hall in Browns Bay, and Bays Christian Fellowship was born.

Right from the start, Peter and Bev were a great team.

“I’ve always believed that Peter could do what he said he was going to do. And so whatever it was that Peter decided he would try, be it in a career or be it in God, I always knew that together we could make it happen.”

The church soon outgrew the hall. But with an incredible donation of $430,000 from a single person in the late 80s, they were eventually able to build their own building on Auckland’s North Shore.

The church went from strength to strength with the building undergoing several extensions over the years. Then, in 2005, with the congregation now 2000 strong, Pastors Peter and Bev decided it was time for a new building adjacent to the original.

The new facility was built with 95% volunteer labour, with members of the church spending many Saturdays volunteering their time. It wasn’t without its challenges, but in 2007 the Sanctuary building was opened.

“At the end of it all we just sat back and went, ‘Wow, God’,” says Bev. “We just feel so privileged by who He has placed around us and what we’ve managed to do.”

City Impact Church has continued to grow and now includes several international locations.

Throughout its growth, City Impact Church has maintained a strong focus on family and community. Home to many families and individuals, the church also includes fun programmes for children and youth, as well as outreaches into the community.

Throughout the journey, Bev has been guided and motivated by God’s word. The scripture below has been particularly close to her heart over the years:

I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16: 18)

Peter and Bev continue to live their lives according to the vision God gave them, and trust He will guide them forward.

“Funny thing is, if it is God’s idea, there is strength and grace … but if it is my idea, well, not so much!” says Bev.


Founded in 1982 by our Senior Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock at St Anne’s Hall in Browns Bay, our North Shore Church is where City Impact Church first began.

Over the years we’ve changed our name (originally Bays Christian Fellowship), moved and grown to several thousand members, and the Campus now covers three and a half hectares with facilities including our christian school, a childcare centre, offices, arts academy, cafe, 900 seat chapel and the 2500 seat sanctuary.

All are welcome to join us for one or more of our Sunday services:

  • 8.30am: Chapel
  • 10:30am: Family Service
  • 6:30pm: Evening Service



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